On the Couch

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The LGMA Queensland Propeller Programme is a dynamic professional development program run by LGMA which gives participants a broad understanding of Local Government in Queensland – its nuances, challenges and opportunities.

In 2017 there are 15 participants who will visit 8 Councils including:

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The First Day

first daySixteen nervous ‘victims’ enter the LGMA Propeller Programme.  Reflecting on the workshop we’re pretty sure Lisa and Peta took great delight in taking the majority of us completely out of our comfort zones over two days.  They also took great delight in withholding the information we were all waiting for……..the Council locations we were going to visit over the next eight months!

Once we all calmed down a bit, we were off to a great start unpicking our characters, work styles, fears and motivations.  We were of course slowly relaxing and getting to knobrisbane team activityour fellow participants….a couple of drinks in the evening also helped this process along nicely.  

Over those two days we all underwent some pretty serious self-reflection and team bonding exercises.  These ranged from building bridges, Myers Briggs, Neuroscience to drafting up our ‘people’ (a person reflecting our current state and future state), understanding team dynamics and re-framing.   

By the end of day two, we all trudged home exhausted, anxious and well just a little bit excited for the journey that lay ahead…